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Mobile Android Development Training Syllabus

Fast Track - Hours : 25 Hours
Normal Track - Hours : 80 Hours
With Projects - Hours : 120 Hours
Front End : HTML5, CSS3, JS, Bootstrap
Back End : PHP, MySQL
Control End :Angular JS
Tools : Cordova, Eclipse

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In this short course, you will learn about the basics of the hybrid app development, which is the fastest and most efficient way to build performant apps for multiple platforms (iOS, Android, Windows) simultaneously. You will get familiar with basic tools and platforms, as we will be using the Apache Cordova the hybird app look and feel.

All the tools used in this course are accessible free of charge, and we will be using basic and common web development languages (HTML5, JavaScript and CSS), setting no limitations for the students. This course is suitable for beginners, but understanding basic concepts of HTML5, JavaScript and CSS would be very helpful.

After the introduction, you will learn about the basic tools and structure of hybrid app development, and dive into coding straight away. Within less than 2 hours, you will have your "To-do" app ready and available. You will learn how to create a list view, how to add and remove items to the list, as well as modify the status of the task.

And the best thing about this course:
You will be able to utilize the new skills and knowledge to create further hybrid apps on your own (or using one of many templates or tutorials provided for future learning)!

Who is the target audience?

This course is designed for students interested in app development, as well as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
This course is probably too easy for you if you are looking for advance guides for Apache Cordova.

Module 1 : Introduction to Mobile Application

Introduction - Different Mobile Platforms - Growth of Mobile Applications

Module 2: Types of Development

Native Development - Hybrid Development - Difference between Native and Hybrid Development

Module 3: HTML, CSS & JavaScript

Introduction to HTML - Basic Structure of HTML document - Creating a HTML document - HTML Elements - Attributes - Images - Links - Tables - Lists - Forms - Input Types - CSS Introduction - CSS Syntax - CSS Properties(Fonts, Links, Margins, Padding, Display, etc.,)

Module 4: PHP Introduction

Introducing XAMPP - XAMPP Installing - Introduction to PHP - PHP Basic Structure - Using Variables with GET and POST - Redirection in PHP - PHP Echo - Introduction To Loops - Condition : If(), else Loops - Repetition : while Loops - PHP Arrays - PHP File uploads - Introducing JSON - JSON Encoding

Module 5: MySQL Basics

Intro To MySQL Databases - Creating A MySQL Database - Create MySQL Tables Database Structure - SQL Export & Import - CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) in MySQL - MySQL Query with Operators.

Module 6: Using PHP to Access MySQL

Intoducing PHPMyAdmin - Connecting to MySQL Database - Retrieving data from MySQL - Inserting Data in MySQL - Updating & Deleting MySQL Tables - Encoding record using JSON

Module 7: Forms

Building forms with HTML - Retrieve values using GET & POST methods - Detecting form submissions - Validating form values - Working with form values in CRUD

Module 8 : Angular JavaScript

JavaScript Overview - Introduction to Angular JS - Angular Expressions - Modules, Apps, and Controllers - Directives - ng-Repeat Example-The Scope Service - Filters - Events - Angular Forms - Angular Http using GET and POST - Angular Multiple Controllers, Multiple Views - Angular Cookies - The Role of Routes - Using Factories and Services - The Role of the Factory - Data-Binding Example using AngularJS Directives - The AngularJS API Reference for Directives - Modules are Containers - Creating a Controller in a Module.

Module 9: Cordova Environment Setup

Eclipse Introduction – JDK – Installing Android SDK - Creating Android Virtual Device in eclipse - Installation Apache Ant and Node Js - Cordova Introduction - Cordova Syntax - Building Apps by Cordova - XML - APK - Debug Mode - Release Mode Conversion

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