Big Data Analytics Projects Topics 2018

Big Data Analytics Projects deep learning topics 2018

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Deep Learning Project Topics 2018

A01 A Study On Prediction Of Breast Cancer Recurrence Using Data Mining Techniques
A02 Breast Cancer Detection Using K-nearest Neighbor Machine Learning Algorithm
A03 Portinari: A Data Exploration Tool To Personalize Cervical Cancer Screening
A04 Cervical Cancer Detection And Classification Using Independent Level Sets And Multi SVMs
A05 Adversarial Learning In Credit Card Fraud Detection
A06 Comparative Study Of Heart Disease Classification
A07 Coupling A Fast Fourier Transform With A Machine Learning Ensemble Model To Support Recommendation For Heart Disease Patients In A TeleHealth Environment
A08 Convolutional Neural Networks For Predicting Molecular Profiles On Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
A09 Sentiment Analysis With The Exploration Of Overall Opinion Sentences
A10 Detecting Spam Web Page Through Topic And Semantic Analysis   
A11 A Comparative Study On Techniques Used For Prediction Of Stock Markets