Exam and Hall Ticket management Application System

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This paper gives the idea about the working of Examination management System. This online examination management system project is developed for the Engineering student in order to view the timetable for allocate students in hall and attendence for hall wise and student wise. This project can also focus on for Examination and Hall Ticket. This project is a Mobile based application. The developed project or the software application  allows the student to select their exam timetable online and view the seating arrangementfor the exam. In this project student can also generate there Hall Ticket by giving input such as Branch, year, semester, and Roll No of student. The developed system is evaluated using real data by prospective users of the  system.


Existing System

  1. It need employment as the human efforts.
  2. In existing system hall ticket management works on manual process which is a time taking process and data organizing is not efficient.

Proposed System

  1. The system based hall ticket management system.
  2. Allows for faster service.
  3. Allows increased accuracy.
  4. Easy , user friendly GUI.


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