Online SMART BUSINESS – 1) Retailer 2) Distributor 3) Stockiest


In the modern world, technology has flourished in a very tremendous way. Where ever we go we come across digital gadgets and everything has been atomized whether it is an institution or business sector or any commercial sector for that matter, anything and everything has become technicality oriented in this cyberspace world.

The project “SMART BUSINESS” is a small approach to automate the ledges of the retailers, distributors and stockiest and help them to overcome stress when comes to investment analysis and management of stocks, orders and maintaining products such as baby care, biscuits, body care, hair care etc…,

This project deals about the marketing and requirement strategy of the clients. These marketing strategies differ from place to place, time to time and from product to product. This is an application which is been developed and customized based on the categories of clients. The categories of clients are i) Retailer   ii) Distributor    iii) Stockiest.

Using this application the retailer can maintain his/her profile. He/She can find all the distributors available for the product for which has registered. He/She can order the products from the nearest and available distributors based on the demands of the customers.

Similarly, using this application a distributor can maintain his/her profile and can find all the stockiest available for the products for which he/she has registered. He/She can order the products from the nearest and available stockiest based on the demands of the retailers. They can maintain the track of retailers existing in their location so that they can expand their business.

In the same way, Stockiest can maintain their own profile and can maintain the details about their products and even their clients and orders placed by them so that it could be delivered as soon as possible. They also record the information regarding the stock availability, reorder level and expiry of products.


Software Requirements: –

Front End: HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap
Back End: PHP, MYSQL
Control End: Angular Java Script

Android Emulator
Android SDK – adt-bundle-windows-x86
IDE: Eclipse Mars


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