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Theatre Ticket Booking

Online Movie Ticket Booking Project App Abstract Online Movie Ticket Booking System is a mobile app to provide the users’

Time Table Generation

Time Table Generation using with Csharp The Time table generation is the most fundamental activity in any Educational institution.

Toll Gate Application

Online Tollgate Payment Android App Abstract Toll gate payment system have been of great assistance in lessening the over congestion

Tourism recommendation

Android app for Tour Recommendation System The main objective of the project is to develop a system that gives data

Traffic squad

Traffic squad Android App   User Register Login View Challan View Case Filed Police Login Rules Create Case Upload proof

Travel Management System

Travel Management System Using Geo Tagging Abstract TRAVEL PORTAL is an android project used for acquiring information about particular city’s

Tumor Detection

Tumor Detection Abstract Among brain tumors, gliomas are the most common and aggressive, leading to a very short life expectancy

Urbis A Touristic Virtual Guide

Urbis A Touristic Virtual Guide Abstract — Currently, we realize that in general tourists spend a lot of time planning

User Behavior Pattern in Multimedia

Situational Analytic Method for User Behavior Pattern in Multimedia A primarily extended and enriched the situation analytics framework for the

V-Buddy: A Learning Management System

V Buddy Learning Management System The software we are going to build is useful for different users such as students,

Vendor Management System

Vendor Management System using with Csharp Vendor Management System provides catering, medicines and other items to the ship, from

Veterinary Care for animal medical solution based Mobile App

Animal Medical Veterinary Doctor App Veterinary Care for animal medical solution based Mobile App “Vet Care” is an application which