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People Tracking

People Tracking Abstract The advance of technology makes video acquisition devices better and less costly, thereby increasing the number of

Performance analysis of WCDMA

Performance analysis of WCDMA Abstract In Universal Mobile Telecommunication System (UMTS), high data rate transmission is possible by using Wideband

Shadow Detection

Shadow Detection Abstract  The cloud and cloud shadow are difficult to captureaccurately in optical imagery because of insufficient spectral information.

Statistical Region Merging Segmentation

Statistical Region Merging Segmentation Abstrac Remote sensing image segmentation is the critical process in the workflow of object-based image analysis.

Texture synthesis steganography

Texture synthesis steganography Abstract Reversible data hiding refers to embedding secret message into a cover and the cover image can

Tumor Detection

Tumor Detection Abstract Among brain tumors, gliomas are the most common and aggressive, leading to a very short life expectancy