Electric Vehicle Recharge to find Nearest Bunk  
White Card Manage all card into one (Driving license, Pan Card, Voter Id, Ration Card)  
Location Based Garbage Management System for Smart City  
A Food Wastage Reduction lication  
OnRoad Vehicle Breakdown Help Assistance  
Hospital Management System for Doctor and Patient  
Digital Vehicle – License, Insurance And RC Book Tracing For Police  
evoting Using OTP and Photo Matching Voting system  
Online Examination and Results System  
Online Complaint Registration and Management system (street light, water pipe leakage, rain water drainage, road)  
eCrime Identification Using Face Matching  
Women Security with SMS Alert  
Digital Gram Panchayath Services  
Finding Lost Debit Card Security  
Exam And Hall Ticket Management Application System  
Farmers Agriculture using E-Digital Marketing Shop  
Toll Gate App For Based Payment  
Student Attendance System  
College Management System  
ebanking App to Manage Account And Transfer  
Grocery Shopping  
Courier Management System Using SMS Alert
eCommerce Old Book Store Shopping with eWallet  
Smart Restaurant Management System in near-Field Communication  
Operation Schedule Management System  
iSearch Mobile App For Searching Lost Person  
Blood Bank Availability Between Donors And Acceptors with SMS Alert  
Rescue Wings: Computing And Active Services Support For Disaster Rescue  
Online SMART BUSINESS – 1 Retailer 2) Distributor 3) Stockiest  
eCommerce for Women Handicraft Shopping  
e-Vaccination management System  
Soil With Suitable Farming Agent And Distributor Location  
online Super Market  
Tour Recommendation System  
Gas agency system  
Bike and Car – Service Management Location  
Online Movie Booking  
Catering Reserving and Ordering System  
eAyurvedic Recommended Solution For All Disease lication  
lication To Access College Activities and Management Events, Placement, Student Info, Results  
eBus Mobile Geo Location Based Current Location Tracking System  
Itour : Tourism City  
Farmer Information App For Agriculture  
Mobile For Ambulance And Police Location Based Information  
eRestaurant Online Shopping For Food  
Pg/Hostel Management Application  
Evaluating Retailers in a Smart-buying Environment using Smart City Infrastructures  
STEP A Career Zone Higher Secondary Education  
Residential Management System On Material UI Design Development  
GYM Management  
DETSApp: An App for Disaster Event Tweets Summarization using Images Posted on Twitter  
eLearning – Skill Development And Learning lication  
Intelligent Agent Based Job Search System In Environment  
Travel Management System Using GPS & Geo Tagging On Platform  
Net classified  
ehealth Care Management  
PG LOCATOR For Searching PG Hostel Or Rental Houses  
Child Safety App  
elib : Libarary Management System Mobile App  
Leakage Detection And Risk Assessment On Privacy For lications: Lrp  
Ediagnostic Lab Online Reporting  
Anomaly Detection Approach Against Shilling Attacks In E-Com Site Using The Dynamic Time Interval Segmentation Technique  
emedicine Prescription – Recommendation
Veterinary Care for animal medical solution lication  
An lication for Career Guidance
EGG Production Management System  
Online Matrimonial  
Isports : Mobile App For Sports Events Using Bootstrap Responsive Design  
icar : Mobile App For Car Pooling Using Bootstrap Responsive Design  
Business Classified  
Ebook Management System
Building Construction Planner  
App For Employee Management System For Monitoring And Controlling Process  
erestaurant – Real-Time Process Management System By Sharing Food Order Information  
Catering Booking  
Cruise Ship Management Mobile App Ieee  
Edupad A Tablet Based Educational System For Improving Adult Literacy In Rural India  
Health Diet Online Search And Proposal System  
PG LOCATOR For Searching PG Hostel Or Rental Houses  
Smart Health Care – Like GO GREEN And ALLOPATHIC  
Smart University Student Information Management System  
ecom online Shopping For Retail With QR payment lication  
Geo Location Enabled Employee Registration And Attendance Tracking System  
Urbis A Touristic Virtual Guide  
Development Of Smartphone Based Student Attendance System  
Integration Of Google Map In Shop Alliance  
Facilitating Examination Process Via Exam Monitoring System  
Survey Land Registration System App  
eRestranut Online Shopping For Food  
ebanking App to Manage Account And Transfer  
Nexus Mobile App For Searching Contractor And Worker In Cities  
EGG Production Management System  
Online Matrimonial  
Local Services Info  
Reminder App – Medical , Doctor  
Mobile Attendance Management system project in  
Mobile App For Water Complaint System  
Mobile App For Laundry Service Using Bootstrap Responsive Design  
Ecom :Mobile App For Online Shopping Based On Responsive Design  
ibus : Mobile App For Bus Timing Report Using Bootstrap Responsive Design  
ischool : Mobile App For School Management App Using Bootstrap Responsive Design
Bridge Between Investor And Business People  
i Job : Job Peers Training And Exam  
Mobile App For Sharing Marriage Invitation Using Bootstrap Responsive Design  
Rule Based Information Leveraging From Business Invoices  
Privacy-Preserving Utility Verification Of The Data Published By Non-Interactive Differentially Private Mechanisms  
eShop Mobile Based Stock Management System  
Ediagnostic Lab Online Reporting Mobile App  
Hybrid Cloud Approach For Secure Authorized Reduplication
Discovery Of Ranking Fraud For Mobile Apps
Online System Complaints & Bug Tracking System For MNC Companies
Expert Discovery And Interactions In Mixed Service-Oriented Systems
Efficient And Anonymous Mobile User Authentication Protocol Using Self-Certified Public Key Cryptography For Multi-Server Architectures
Greenhouse Remote Monitoring System
EPLQ: Efficient Privacy-Preserving Location-Based Query Over Outsourced Encrypted Data  
Task Management App for Monitoring and controlling task
Daily Stand-Up Meetings Start Breaking the Rules  
V-Buddy: A Learning Management System  
MoMaP An interactive gamified app for the Museum of Mineralogy
Based Exam Paper Generator- E-PAGE
Based College Campus App
base order recommender system
Design of an Enhanced Logistics Service Provider Selection Model for e-Commerce Application
DETSApp: An App for Disaster Event Tweets Summarization using Images Posted on Twitter
Requirements for a Flexible and Enabling Mobile Crowdsensing mHealth Applications
NutriTrack: -based Food Recognition App for Nutrition Awareness
Digital Market : E-Commerce Application For Farmers
Automated Toll Tax Collection System
Food Delivery Automation in Restaurants
Evaluation of an app based questionnaire for the nutritional assessment in Elder Housing
Food Recipe Finder lications Based On Similarity Of Materials
A Smart Based Parking System to Reduce Traffic Congestion
Vege Application! Using lication to Promote Vegetarian Food
lication for College Management System
Centralized Alumni Management System (CAMS) – A Prototype Proposal
eHealth in Hospital Information Management
Development of Integrated Tourism Portal
The Impact of Knowledge Management System in Hospital

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