Terms & Conditions

This Service Agreement effective as from purchased date of project, is made and entered into by and between Customer and Code Shoppy, with a registered address located at 504-1 City Building, 3rd Floor, Vatti Pillayar Main Road, Ulllur,Kumbakonam-612001, Tamil Nadu. (hereinafter the “Contractor”).

Whereas, the parties agree as follows:


For purposes of this Agreement, the following terms shall have the following meanings:

  1. “Services” means any and all services specified in the scope of Work (as defined below).
  2. “Deliverables” means any tangible property, including software media, delivered to Customer under this Service Contract, as specified in the scope of Work.
  3. “Project” means the combination of Services and Deliverables to be provided under this Agreement.

2. Scope of Work

(1) Project demo video will be the scope of work deliverable

(2) Any other scope differ from video will considered as out of scope of implementation.

(3) Customer will recive installation and configuration support with demo explanation

  1. Deliverables

Android Project

(1)Source code (2) Full Document* (Our standrad format) (3) Mobile Apk (4) Local apk (5) Database  (6) Required Software

PHP Project

(1)Source code (2) Full Document* (Our standrad format) (3) Database (4) Required Software

  1. Modification of the Service

(1) For source code,  add, modify or delete features will consider as paid extended support.

(2) Contractor reserve the right to commit or choose the feasibily of new change as requested from Customer side.

(3) Depends on our time frame, Contractor commit the modification timeline.

  1. Refund Policy

(1) Contractor if fail to deliver the Deliverables (2) mentioned above within 3 days (Or)

(2) If complete software deployment is failed in Customer Laptop, i.e configuration of software.

Customer can request for refund [email protected], time line as processed from payment gateway. For direct bank take 7 days.

  1. Live Support

(1) Till project completation (6 Months Maxmium) Customer will receive technical support

(2) Customer will get support in call, chat, mail support in working hours 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM IST


a) Contractor warrants deliverable functionality substantially as defined in the Scope of Work

b) Contractor does not warrant any third-party software development tools

c) Customer will get 2 Maxmium configuration support for below points

i.Repair of damage to Deliverables caused by Customer .

ii. Repair of damage caused by Customer’s improper installation, relocation, or rearrangement of Deliverables

d) Extra Configuration will be paid support for Android Rs 400/- and PHP Rs 200/-

      8. Access Limitation for Mobile App   

(1) For Mobile App, Access to live hosting and domain is restricted under shared hosting. Customer can not see the live database.

(2) Its optional, Customer should purchase separate domain and hosting service with extra cost.  To access the above point.

  1. Restrictions

Deliverable (2) used for acedamic purpose only Unless prior written consent has been obtained from the Contractor, the following shall not be allowed.

  • Commerical Usage
  • The distribution of any source codes for third parities
  • The software should not be merged, compiled, or copied unless expressed without communication
  • Disclosure of any source codes pertaining to the software to any additional parties not included in this agreement
  1. Liability
  • Under no circumstances will either party or their representatives be liable to each other for any incidental, consequential, or indirect damages including but not limited to lost or damaged data, revenue loss, economic loss, or commercial loss arising out of a breach of any terms and conditions set forth in this Customer Service agreement.
  • Customer not supposed post any comments about contractor which lead to termination of service
  • After 6 months from the date of purchase, Customer deliverable(2) Mobile App alone will be deleted from the service. Customer can use all other deliverable(2) for life time.
  • No suport and Scope of Work (1) will be provide after 6 months.