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Attendance Management System

Attendance Management System Managing the attendance using traditional approach is really a cumbersome process. The person has to maintain the

Audio Steganography

Audio Steganography Steganography is the art of hiding the fact that communication is taking place, by hiding information in other

Back to Village

Back to Village using with Csharp Back to my village is a .Net project which is a charity group

Bike Car Service Management

Online Bike Service Management Application Abstract Now a day, technology is on a boost. People wish to live a luxurious

Blog Application

Blog Application using with Csharp Blogger website design project is implemented in platform. The main aim of this project

Blood Bank Application

Blood Bank Application for Donors And Acceptors Abstract The purpose of this study was to develop a blood management information

Blood Bank Management System

Blood Bank Management System Project ABSTRACT The purpose of this study was to develop a blood management information system to

Blood Vessel

Blood Vessel Abstract The automated segmentation of blood vessels helps the ophthalmologist for early detection and possible treatment of retinal

Book Exchange Easy

Book Exchange Easy : Online Book Sharing System – Lend & Borrow In Online Book Exchange System, there can be

Bridge Between Investor And Business People

Bridge Between Investor And Business People Abstract Investment in India is a concept based on business purpose. In my project

Bug Tracking System

Bug Tracking System using with Csharp Bug-Tracking mechanism is employed only is some of the large software development houses.

Building Construction Planner

Building Construction Planner This project aims to create a dynamic building construction plan based on the availability of the Land