Online Electrion eVoting App – Using OTP and Photo

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Online Electrion eVoting App – Using OTP and Photo

Abstract—As we know in urban areas now a day the voting system is getting most complicated only because of the person’s identity. They only have the voting card as a proof of identification. So there are lots of chances of fake voting. To avoid this we are developing this project which will store the identity of the voters using android mobile through facial recognition systems. This system will capture photo of the voters and match with the existing faces in the stored database. After the confirmation of valid photo detected, the OTP (One- Time Password) is generated and send to the voters registered mobile number. Then the voter is validated and he is allowed to do the voting. This is very fast and helpful technique to do the verification of the voters. This will also reduce voter’s time to stand in queue for doing vote.

Software Requirements: –

Front End: HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap
Back End: PHP, MYSQL
Control End: Angular Java Script

Android Emulator
Android SDK – adt-bundle-windows-x86
IDE: Eclipse Mars


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