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Online Complaint Registration – Street-Pipe-road

Online Road Complaints Registration System Online Complaint Registration – Street-Pipe-road Abstract The main purpose of this project is to help

Online Employee Transfer Application System

Online Employee Transfer Application System Target of the undertaking: The point of this Project is to play out the accompanying

Online Event Management System

Online Event Management System Project This is an internet event management program software project which serves the performance of an

Online Examination Application

Application for Online Examination and Results System Abstract Technology has supported online examinations successfully for a number of years, and

Online Flight Reservation System

Online Flight Reservation System Online Flight a net application by which passengers can reserve the ticket. Since chair arrangement is

Online Furniture Shop Android App

Online Furniture Shopping App An Internet furniture store that lets Users to test for various furniture available in the online

Online Herbs Shopping

Online Herbs Shopping Project This job Assists the users in treating its disorder by providing the list of herbs and

Online Matrimonial Application

Online Matrimonial Application This online matrimonial site is developed to let individual find their potential matches for marriage as per

Online Parking Booking System

Online Parking Booking System Project The planned project is a intelligent parking booking system which offers institutes pupils a simple

Online Pharmacy Management System Android App

Online Pharmacy Management System Android App Abstract The primary point of building up this application is to supply the medications

Online Pizza Ordering System

Online Pizza Ordering System You have to have purchased your pizzas on telephone for home delivery. The method appears simple

Online Shopping Application

Online Shopping Application Abstract A Bharat Nari is a portal which allows merchants in developing counters to advertise and sell