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Book Exchange Easy

Book Exchange Easy : Online Book Sharing System – Lend & Borrow In Online Book Exchange System, there can be

Bridge Between Investor And Business People

Bridge Between Investor And Business People Abstract Investment in India is a concept based on business purpose. In my project

Building Construction Planner

Building Construction Planner This project aims to create a dynamic building construction plan based on the availability of the Land

Bus Pass System

Online Bus Pass Management System Application The project entitled “Online Bus Pass Registration / Renewal” is developed using android. Mobile

Business Classified

Business Classified Abstract Today’s scenario, mobile computing has advanced to such an extent where the user has access to all

Business Invoices Application

Business Invoices Application Invoicing and billing application for different business purposes helps mainly the service providers and freelancers to manage,

Cake Order Shopping Online

Cake Order Shopping Online Buy a Cake is a portal which allows admin in developing counters to advertise and sell

Campus Recruitment System

Campus Recruitment System A school campus recruiting system which is made up of student login, business login along with also

Cardiac Predication Mobile App

Cardiac Predication It might have happened so many times that you or someone yours need doctors help immediately, but they

Career Zone APP For Higher Education

Career Zone APP For Higher Education Abstract— The paper titled “STEP- A career zone Android APP for Higher Secondary Students”

Child Safety Application

Child Safety Application Abstract These Days parents are worried about their children’s so they want a complete track of them

Clinic Management System

Clinic Management System The job clinic Direction is software designed to simplify the communication procedure between the physician and the